Book Parts — November 17, 2018

Book Parts
So now you’ve finished your book. It’s been edited and you’ve decided to go with independent publishing OR a traditional publisher has accepted your manuscript. Hold on a minute. You aren’t finished yet. What else is needed?

• Write a blurb for the back of your book. It needs to be short and attention grabbing. It can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever write! At least I find it so. Keep in mind many people make their book selections reading this short description.

Sample of Book Back Cover

• Planning to dedicate your book to someone special? Then write a Dedication Page. It can be short and sweet or long and poetic.
• Acknowledgements keep you in good graces with the people who helped you along the way. Thank anyone who had aided you with your writing by mentioning them on the Acknowledgement’s Page. Your editor is always due a big thank you. Did you have a critique group? Beta readers? Your college English professor who encouraged you? A professional you contacted to be sure you correctly wrote procedures or techniques like a police officer or an accountant? All these people deserve recognition.
• Did you want to tell your readers the reason you wrote the novel? Or perhaps it is based on a true story. Author’s Notes is a good place to explain such details.
• The copyright page is a must. It contains more than the actual copyright information. This is where you identify people who created your book cover and if needed, the photographer who provided the cover shot. Also be sure to write the disclaimer of character names, places, and incidents as either fictional or that you have permission, if required, for factual events. Include the ISBN numbers on this page. Check out other books for various formats and information. If you are traditionally published they will handle this detail.

Sample of Copyright page

• Do you have other books? If so, consider creating a page containing the names of your other manuscripts. If readers love your writing then they’ll want to find out what else you’ve published.
• Have you received accolades on your current or previous project? Put those quotes on a Praise Page where readers can see for themselves they chose a fabulous book.
• And last, but certainly not least, the About the Author page. A photo of the author frequently accompanies this paragraph although it is not required. Make it short and informative. Does your book contain an Army Ranger as the protagonist? Then let them know you are an Army veteran. Some detail that ties-in with your book. Don’t use the same information with each book – change it up to provide your readers a glimpse into your life.

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