Publishing with Pictures — December 8, 2018

One picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, my book has grown in size considerably. It is a short book but each chapter is preceded by a picture. The idea was presented to me by a friend and she was very wise. The book is about a place, my home. Word choice and good descriptions are key to writing, but readers like a little help with their imaginations. Pictures can do that. It is important to note that cost factor differs between color and black and white. Color is more expensive.

Cover for I Shared With Them My Sunsets

I had many photos of my home, so selecting the cover photo was easy. Since the title of my book is I Shared with Them My Sunsets, it was not difficult choosing my favorite sunset picture. It became more difficult when I needed a photo for Chapter 1 of 1940’s Brooklyn. My publishers solved that by locating a photo from a royalty-free image company. It was a minimal cost and it worked.

Photo for Chapter 1, A Green World

For Chapter 2, the publishers and I started our journey around the lake where I live and did photo-shoots. It was a delight to share my beautiful surroundings taking photos. But first, I rummaged through old photos that I had. We had taken many pictures of our views. When there were no old pictures, or opportunities to take some, the publishers again went to image companies for purchase.

There is a chapter in my book about our fire. In 1978, our house burned down. Our neighbor took intense color slides of the house ablaze. I knew I had it somewhere and was amazed when I actually found it. When I say a picture is worth a thousand words that statement proved very true when my daughter opened the book to that page and burst into tears. Old repressed emotions were evoked from that image.

The feedback I have received on my book has cemented my feeling that the pictures were key to the essence of the story.

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