Am I There Yet? — February 2, 2019

Am I There Yet?

You’ve written a novel or short story. You’ve had it edited. However, you keep making changes because each time you ask another author or critique partner to read it they make a suggestion. And you think you HAVE to incorporate those suggestions. No you don’t!

Everyone will have their own opinion about how to write any one sentence. If you include all those changes two things happen. One, your voice is lost amongst all the others. Two, you never finish so two years later you are still making changes.

Finding the moment when your project turns from complete to ready for publication isn’t easy. It’s your baby and you want everyone to think you have the most beautiful and perfect child. It’s hard to let it go – to publication. Just do it already!

Need more words of encouragement? How to decide if it’s REALLY time? Come listen to Wendy Perry, Author/Motivational Leader at the Pathways to Publishing and Beyond Conference February 19 – 21, 2019. Registration ends February 4, 2019. Click on the Conference Information/Registration tab on this website for details.

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